Why Choose Me

I am not like the big corporate design agencies and I don’t want to be. What I want to offer my clients besides a bespoke website is a personal service and the ability to keep you up-to-date on the progress every step of the way, so you can really get involved in the process.

There are many advantages to choosing a freelancer over a large company but to summarise freelance web designers take more pride in their work, it’s all consistent because it’s done by the same person and I can offer you a much higher quality service at a highly competitive price.

  • Competitively Priced – I have very little overheads

  • Contact – No switchboards or different people for different jobs

  • All under one roof – Everything is done by me so it’s consistent and of high standard

  • Locality – Living in Blackburn I can easily arrange meetings to work around you

Empathy map

The Empathy map was developed, as this uncovers the reasoning for the users’ behaviour and needs.

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AshleyBarns Persona

Why Am I Doing This

I’m passionate about creating ascetically pleasing websites that are both functional and are of cutting edge technology, I have always had an interest in all things computer related so I set about learning all there is about them, so I could get a career in web design.

I have worked on a number of different projects when I worked at Innovation and enterprise Lab at Uclan you can view the project I have worked on work section.

Believe it or not, I enjoy designing and building websites, so I want to do more of it freelance at home in Lancashire. This allows me to put my skills to the test and to push myself further to becoming the best at what I do. I enjoy getting new challenges and being given the chance to code new features and create nice clean designs.

For the above reasons I’ve decided to offer my own web design freelance service, so I can offer my skills as a service throughout Lancashire and Manchester.


Feel free to contact me if you like my work, and are interested in working together?
Get in touch so we can discuss your requirements.