Explore Tourism

Discover what the planet has to offer

Final Logo

After conducting feedback on the logo, the feedback, I received, was that people preferred the logo with the planet, After selecting the logo, I created marketing material which shows how different version of the logo could be used.

explore tourism logo

About Explore Tourism

The brief of this project was to create a logo for Explore Tourism with a tagline, the brief I was given was to provide a logo for a company that provides an all-inclusive holiday for a wide range of destinations.


When creating a tagline I came with two taglines that I felt would work well together with the logo, the first was “discover what the world had to offer“, which I change to planet as I had used an illustration of a planet in the final logo, the second one was “experienced amazing adventure and culture“.

Designing The Logo

One of the other ideas was to combine the use of a planet with the letter O, I decided I would have the plane flying over the planet.


During the process of exploring logo ideas and concepts, I decided to use an illustration of a plane. One of the ideas I came up with was to use a plane with a cloud, I decided to combine the letter M with a plane and use a cloud for the logo.


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